Harry Styles Has Five Testicles (and Four Nipples)?

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Harry Styles isn’t afraid to talk about his deep, dark anatomy secrets, maybe because he’s afraid of having to deal with a leaked nude photo scandal someday. After all, his fellow members of One Direction have dished that he can get a little too comfortable being naked.

According to Sugarscape, Harry was recently asked about an anomaly on his body during an interview in New Zealand—his four nipples. Harry hasn’t been shy when it comes to talking about them in the past, and there’s even photographic evidence out there that they do exist. Harry’s theory is that he used to be a twin, but he must have absorbed his brother or sister in the womb (so he’s like Rosemary’s baby all grown up).

And apparently being a demon child capable of sucking up other babies’ life forces also led to Harry having a very full head of hair and another more disturbing physical feature. During the interview, Louis Tomlinson interrupted Harry Styles’ talk about his extra nipples to say that his pal also has four testicles. However, Harry corrected him by saying this:

“Five testicles. It’s like one of those things when one knocks into the other…a Newton’s cradle.”

So evidently Harry didn’t just absorb one twin—he sucked up half of another sibling. And based on his description of his anatomy, it sounds like dancing around on stage is probably extremely uncomfortable (no wonder he doesn’t like wearing pants).

All joking aside, it’s actually pretty admirable that Harry Styles has such a great sense of humor about his extra nipples. Some people might feel uncomfortable being born with what others may see as a physical deformity, but Harry just enjoys having a good laugh about it and doesn’t let his extra appendages stop him from taking his shirt off. Maybe he’ll even get one pierced someday.

It’s almost a shame Harry’s five testicles are only imaginary—he could have named each one of them after a member of One Direction.

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