Harry Styles Impressed by Fearless American Fans

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Harry Styles and his One Direction boys, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne are currently in the United States on their first American tour. American fans are somewhat different than their British fans, according to the boys.

Eighteen-year-old Styles seems impressed by the girls in the United States. “They’re not scared to come up to us,” he said. “They are very confident, more chatty, they really do like to have a conversation.”

Not only do American girls have confidence talking to the One Direction guys—they also are not afraid to show off their skating skills. Some are even going out of the way to follow Harry Styles and the rest of the boys around on their skateboards.

“It’s funny, wherever we go over there they follow us on skateboards, which is really random,” said Louis Tomlinson, who is intent on looking out for the girls’ safety. “They do tricks and stuff, they’re really good. We had to tell one girl that she should wear a helmet. Safety first…”

Isn’t that sweet? Rumor has it that Harry Styles is also willing to keep girls safe, even if it means getting a black eye himself!

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