Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan Offered Cash for Sex

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Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are getting offered money to have sex, but Directioners aren’t pooling their cash together in hopes of making Larry Stylinson happen—instead moms are trying to pay the members of One Direction to have sex with their daughters.

According to The People (via Unreality TV), here is what an insider said about this disturbing form of prostitution:

“Mothers actually offer the boys large sums of money to sleep with their daughters. It is ridiculous.”

So it sounds like really rich moms are trying to prove to their pampered princesses that it’s possible to get everything you want in life, no matter how creepy and illegal it is. Or maybe they’re trying to become the next Kris Jenner—if a mom’s over-18 daughter videotapes her hookup with Hazza, just imagine how much cash that sex tape would be worth. And obviously it would also lead to an E! show.

Luckily One Direction is raking in so much cash right now that they won’t have to open a boy band brothel anytime soon.

However, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine Harry Styles at least entertaining the idea of getting paid to have sex with a few fans—the womanizer probably already does it anyway, and he’s probably not alone. Niall Horan is also single, after all, and Zayn Malik has been caught on camera trying to invite girls back to his hotel room. Hopefully Louis Tomlinson is better behaved since he’s in a long-term relationship with Eleanor Calder, and Liam Payne probably hasn’t been messing around with fans since he also seems to love being loved up with one girl—he went straight from dating Danielle Peazer to hooking up with Leona Lewis.

Of course it’s possible that no moms are really paying One Direction to have sex with their daughters—this just could be the latest crazy rumor about the band. Fake gay couple Larry Stylinson, koala Chlamydia, and Louis’ butt insurance are a few of the kookiest rumors about the band that have been debunked. And here’s a guess on what the next one will be: moms paying cougar-lover Harry to have sex with them.

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