Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson of One Direction Don’t Want to Sleep Around

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Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne of One Direction have so many girls and women at their fingertips that it must be hard to say no when they’re offered a one night stand. However, at least two of the boys proved that their not the type to sleep around.

While Harry’s friend, Will, told The Sun that the 1D cutie “wants to settle down with one girl,” it appears that his band mate feels the same and also felt the need to tell his girlfriend’s mother that he won’t break her daughter’s heart by sleeping with other girls.

“I was worried about my reputation at first. I remember I sent Eleanor’s mum a few text messages saying, ‘Please don’t judge me thinking I’m like the stereotypical boy band type who is going to go around and sleep with everything that moves,'” Louis Tomlinson said. “I was trying to convince her I’m quite a good lad but I didn’t really need to. Her family are really cool actually and very understanding of the situation. It’s important for me to treat a girlfriend with respect.”

Obviously, Louis and Harry Styles are trying to counteract any tabloid stories that say they are after every woman they meet. It’d be great to see Harry settle down with one girl like Louis — though there’s no doubt that would break the hearts of millions of girls worldwide!

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