Harry Styles’ Mom and Caroline Flack Have a Laugh Together

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Harry Styles might be trying hard to move on from Caroline Flack by spending time with a bunch of different women, but his mother Anne Cox is apparently becoming pals with his ex.

Perhaps it shouldn’t be all that surprising that Anne and Caroline get along – there’s less of an age gap between 32-year-old Caroline and 43-year-old Anne than there is between Caroline and 18-year-old Harry.

Plus Anne and Caroline have something very important in common—they both know what it’s like to deal with crazy Directioners. One Direction fans used to send Caroline hateful Twitter messages all the time back when she was dating Harry Styles, and Anne Cox is constantly getting tweeted questions about her son. She even has received a few angry tweets herself.

According to NOW Magazine, the two women recently bonded over something that many gal pals enjoy together—a cute picture on the internet. Caroline Flack posted a photo of a woman balancing on a kitchen countertop with her adorable toddler daughter clinging onto her feet, and Anne Cox tweeted this response, “@carolineflack1 oops! now get out of that!!” Caroline responded by writing, “Ha ha! It took a while..”

Anne has said in the past that she didn’t have a problem with Harry Styles dating an older woman, so who knows? Maybe she’s reaching out to Caroline Flack because she actually thinks that the TV presenter is a better match for her son than all the random blondes he’s been spotted with recently. Or perhaps she just feels bad about everything that Caroline went through while dating Harry and just wanted to reach out to her in some way.

Unfortunately things might get really awkward for Harry if his mom and his ex become friends. So what do you think—will Harry be okay with his mom befriending Caroline, or will he tell her to stop embarrassing him?

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