Harry Styles’ Mom Worried That He’s Suffering from Addiction to Tattoos

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Harry Styles’ tattoos keep delighting Directioners who enjoy speculating about what they all mean, but not everyone is a fan of his body art—the One Direction singer’s dear old mom is afraid that he’s suffering from an addiction to ink and is trying to stop Hazza from going too far with his tats.

Hazza has about 30 tattoos covering his body and he’s only 19 years old, so he definitely does enjoy getting inked. However, maybe he won’t have to head to tattoo rehab to work on his addiction just yet—according to Yahoo! omg!, his mom might have managed to talk him out of adding a new one to his collection during One Direction’s trip to Japan. He wanted to get a tat featuring his name in Japanese calligraphy.

So why isn’t Anne Cox a fan of her son’s body art? She’s reportedly afraid that Harry Styles will eventually regret getting some of his tattoos. People do change when they get older, and Hazza does have some pretty silly scribbles on his body—he has “Hi” on his arm, “17 Black” on his chest,” and a birdcage on his side. These are just a few of the tattoos that might not seem so deep and meaningful to him when he gets older.

Apparently Anne Cox can’t convince Harry that he’ll live to regret his ink, so she’s turning to that old trick that moms love to use on teens—she’s claiming that the tattoos are bad for Harry’s skin. So if he’s tired of suffering from acne, he needs to stay away from the needle and ink.

There’s no word on if Zayn Malik’s ink is also making him break out, but since he appears to be acne-free in recent photos, Hazza probably won’t believe Anne’s theory that tats cause bad skin.

According to a source, Harry might have ignored his mom, so he could have gotten something secretly tattooed on his body in Japanese calligraphy. Since he’s now worried about hiding his ink from his mom, perhaps he’ll only get tats on his butt and around his crotch from now on.

So do you think that Zayn Malik and Harry will both regret their tattoos someday?

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