Harry Styles Not Joining the Rolling Stones — Mick Jagger Must Be Relieved

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Harry Styles might look like the illegitimate son of Mick Jagger, but he won’t be playing the rocker in a movie anytime soon.

Hollywood Life previously reported that Harry was a “serious candidate” for the role of the Rolling Stone frontman in the movie Exile On Main St. Harry certainly has the right look to play the rocker with his mop-top hairstyle and full lips, and he also knows what it’s like to have thousands of girls screaming his name. Plus he’s had to deal with gay rumors just like Mick—many 1D fans are convinced that Harry and Louis Tomlinson are lovers.

However, now GossipCop has reported that Harry won’t be showing off his moves like Jagger anytime soon—a rep has said that the movie rumors are “completely false.”

Maybe Harry Styles isn’t the best candidate to play Mick Jagger, anyway—he might be a big star with lots of wannabe groupies, but he and the rest of One Direction haven’t really embraced the same sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle that the Rolling Stones enjoyed. Instead his idea of fun seems to be running around naked, cleaning, hitting on women that are way older than him, and playing with SheWees.

Plus Mick Jagger might want someone with a little more acting experience to play him—so far Harry has only made an appearance as himself on iCarly.

But One Direction fans shouldn’t be too disappointed—there has been talk that the guys might get their own documentary movie since Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never was such a success. And who knows? Maybe someday Harry Styles will get a movie made about his own life. If this were to happen, he wants to be played by Orlando Bloom.

So are you disappointed that you won’t get to see Harry try to swagger like Jagger and hear him sing “C***sucker Blues”?

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