Harry Styles of One Direction’s Sexy Bed Head Hair Secrets Revealed: He’s Naturally Straight!

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One Direction’s Harry Styles has a signature hairstyle which he uses to gain fans and break hearts. But did you know that Harry’s got a secret even die hard fans might not know? It turns out the curly haired cutie isn’t naturally curly! Wow, who would have thought that?

One Direction- Harry Poster Poster Print, 24x36Apparently, Styles’ secret to creating curls is Bumble South Surf Spray. The 18-year-old singer actually has naturally straight hair. However, his dedication to wavy locks has fooled many.

Now that Styles is a big time rock star, he’s capitalizing on his wild bed head. It’s not just his hair style that requires a lot of hard work though. It’s every aspect of being an entertainer.

Harry Styles recently said, “I think for us where just normal lads, so, we’re normal teenage guys so for all this to be happening is absolutely crazy. And we’re having so much fun. We work so, so hard, so we play hard as well.”

He’s still young and probably trying to find that balance between work, relationship, hair and party.

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