Harry Styles: One Direction Member In Sydney, Australia… Amazed!

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Harry Styles and his One Direction band mates have arrived in Sydney, Australia as part of their ongoing tour ‘down under.’ Obviously, Harry’s first trip to Sydney has left him absolutely amazed.

“Sydney looks amazing at night..,” tweeted Harry to his 3 million loyal fans and followers. Of course it wasn’t long before a legion of people responded. One of those was Chris O’Dowd who let Harry Styles in on what to expect in the morning. “Wait ’till you see her in the mornin’ h-bomb! Whoop whoop! #street,” Chris exclaimed.

“I like this! You’re much more street than I. Hope you’re well mate……innit,” tweeted Harry in response. One Direction fans from Sydney can’t wait to hear what Harry Styles and the rest of the group’s reaction will be when they get to see the city in all of its glory when the sun comes up. The only thing that may be different is the fact that at night Harry can enjoy a quiet night view, during the day however, he will have to fight through the throngs of screaming teenage girls.

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