Harry Styles: One Direction Star is a Lover!

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One Direction’s Harry Styles is clearly a lover and not a fighter. Why else would he be caught by the British paparazzi sporting a shirt with “Lover” scrawled across it? Talk about a brazen cougar hunter!

That’s right, Harry was photographed the morning after a late-night wedding party for a friend, wearing a gray pocket t-shirt with a red heart emblazoned on the pocket. The word “Lover” could clearly be made out. This isn’t the first time the One Direction star was snapped wearing this shirt. He was also photographed wearing it about three weeks ago (check it out).

One thing is for sure, after a late night, it doesn’t matter what one decides to wear if they are out to get a quick cup of coffee. Harry Styles was snapped as he wandered toward a coffee shop to pick-up that morning cup of Joe on Saturday (July 28) morning in Oxford, England.

The only question is, is Harry trying to send a message to all those available cougars out there… “Mr. Styles is a Lover, not a hater?” Yep, the cougar lover is clearly on the prowl.

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