Harry Styles: One Direction Star Wants Rihanna, Kate Moss!

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It is hardly news that Harry Styles has a thing for older women. At least, the One Direction star has a little taste in women. He prefers high-profile models and singers… namely Kate Moss and Rihanna.

According to a report, Harry is taking some of the quick money he has earned from his new-found 1D fame and investing it into some art for his London digs. Styles is willing to drop a cool 100,000 pounds on a couple of pieces of art depicting the 38-year-old Kate Moss and the 24-year-old Rihanna (Harry is only 18).

“We’ve had a call from a dealer who says Harry is looking for investment art, but modern and funky,” claims a source.”We’re sending him Bambi’s (a graffiti artist) painting of Rihanna and a Banksy print of Kate Moss. Harry knows Robbie Williams and Brad Pitt own a Bambi.”

So that’s a good reason to have some art from a graffiti artist who calls herself Bambi. If it is good enough for Brad Pitt and Robbie Williams then it must be good enough for Harry Styles, right? The question is whether Harry’s new art acquisitions are just trying to get the real Kate Moss and Rihanna to acknowledge the One Direction member.

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