Harry Styles’ Relationship with Taylor Swift Has Larry Stylinson Fans Freaking Out

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Harry Styles and Taylor Swift’s rumored relationship has sparked a war between different factions of Directioners.

The pop stars are rumored to be dating, and their romance is giving “Larry Stylinson” fans a lot of grief.

“Larry” is the name that “shippers” have given to a pretend gay couple composed of Harry and his One Direction band mate Louis Tomlinson. The term “shippers” is derived from the word “relationship” and basically refers to those who support a relationship between two celebrities.

Larry shippers tirelessly look for evidence of Harry and Louis’ secret gay romance, sharing photos and GIFs of the guys touching or sharing meaningful glances with one another. They also enjoy writing raunchy fan fiction about Larry Stylinson.

A lot of these obsessive fans believe that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson really are a couple even though Louis has been in a long-term relationship with Eleanor Calder. He’s also attacked Larry fans multiple times by saying that they’re not true One Direction fans.

However, Larry shippers have ignored all of this, so it’s not surprising that they’re also ready to write off Taylor as Harry’s “beard.” Perhaps she better strike up a friendship with poor Eleanor Calder – Louis’ model girlfriend knows what it’s like to deal with delusional Directioners constantly tweeting that she’s just a beard.

Gawker has collected a few tweets from Larry shippers, who are obviously freaking out about “Haylor” based on tweets like this:

Management realizes they have to give Harry a girlfriend too to hide Larry so they get Taylor Swift. Seriosuly, like ofcourse someone famous

1. Harry isn’t dating Taylor Swift 2. Louis is a jerk who literally hates his fans and 3. Larry shippers aren’t the problem okay you are

However, Directioners tired of Larry shippers’ crazy conspiracies enjoyed having a laugh at Haylor deniers by tweeting comments like this:

So if Louis is with Eleanor and Harry is with Taylor, where’re all the Larry shippers gon’ go with their fandoms HAHAHA

And everyone thought Justin Bieber’s fans were crazy.

Poor Taylor has probably been getting tons of confusing tweets already – it’s likely that she has no idea who Larry is. She also might decide that dating Harry isn’t worth it after she reads some of the crazy stuff that Larry shippers write about her.

But maybe her pal Selena Gomez can help her out – Selena did get death threats from Beliebers when she first started dating Justin Bieber. And who knows? Maybe Selena will start dating another member of One Direction so that she and Taylor can deal with the craziness together. Any Niall Horan/Selena Gomez shippers out there?

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