Harry Styles’ Relationship with Taylor Swift Leading to One Direction Breakup?

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Harry Styles’ relationship with Taylor Swift isn’t just upsetting Directioners—it’s making the rest of One Direction worry that Haylor’s breakup might break up the band.

In the past boy band managers probably wanted to keep as many guys in their groups single as long as possible to avoid upsetting the fans dreaming of dating the singers. However, 1D fans haven’t abandoned their beloved boys even though Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne all have serious girlfriends. So what’s so different about Harry dating someone?

For one thing, most people believe that he’s the most popular member of the group—he’s like the Justin Timberlake of the band. According to Perez Hilton, here’s what a source said about Harry Styles’ status as the hottest member of One Direction:

“Harry’s especially loved by the band’s female fans and there is a feeling that by being so open about his relationship with Taylor he will only upset them. The boys are praying that when it does come down to it, he ends things amicably with her. Otherwise, they fear there will be hell to pay.”

However, Taylor Swift isn’t the first girlfriend of Hazza’s that has upset fans. Directioners threw a fit when the singer dated 32-year-old Caroline Flack, but they didn’t abandon 1D. Instead they did what they’re doing now—they vented on Twitter and sent Harry’s girlfriend death threats. And of course some of them held on to the idea that Hazza’s girlfriend was just a beard and that he’s really in a secret gay relationship with Louis Tomlinson.

Caroline Flack isn’t the big celebrity that Taylor is, so perhaps T-Swift’s pop star status will make things worse. Or maybe her love of writing breakup songs will hurt One Direction. Here’s what the source said about Swifty’s wrath:

“Harry’s public romancing of Taylor has got the other lads all riled up. With Taylor’s reputation for writing breakup songs about her exes, they think Harry could find himself in a spot of bother if it doesn’t work out and his actions are setting them all up for a fall.”

So basically a Haylor breakup would lead to Taylor penning tunes that make Harry look bad. This would make the rest of 1D look bad by association, and the other guys in the group might get so angry with Hazza that they decide to go their separate ways.

If these allegations are true, then Harry’s in a tough spot—if he stays with Taylor, it’s going to put 1D in jeopardy by upsetting fans. But if he dumps her, the resulting breakup songs could ruin his reputation, which could lead to the end of 1D

But here’s a more likely scenario: Haylor breaks up; Directioners rejoice that Harry is single again; and they turn against T-Swift on Twitter when she writes a song bashing Harry.

So do you think that Harry’s relationship with Taylor will hurt 1D?

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