Harry Styles Reveals ‘G’ Tattoo Meaning: Which Celeb Did He Get It For? (Video)

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Harry Styles and the rest of One Direction recently sat down for a lengthy Ustream interview that Directioners should find rather enlightening. The guys talked about everything from the meaning of Hazza’s “G” tattoo to who they would take with them to a deserted island, and for some reason they talked about animals quite a bit.

Speaking of animals, Zayn Malik sported a rather rude T-shirt during the interview—it featured two bears mating (hopefully he doesn’t decide to get that image tattooed on his arm). And speaking of ink, one of the most interesting portions of the interview came when the guys explained the meaning behind a few of their tattoos.

Harry Styles had one of the most interesting ink stories. Here’s how he explained his “G” tattoo:

“So this is for a friend of mine—an American friend—and his American football team is the Green Bay Packers, and that is their symbol. We basically agreed that if they won the next day that I’d get their symbol tattooed, but I didn’t have time the next day. So I said, ‘Are they going to win?’ and he was like, ‘They’re definitely going to win.’ So I went and got it done that day before they played, and I went to watch the game the next day and they lost.”

So the moral of this story is that Hazza should never make bets with anyone.

Earlier in the interview, One Direction talked about meeting Lil Wayne. Weezy is such a big Green Bay Packers fan that he wrote the song “Green & Yellow,” so who knows? Maybe Hazza made his bet with Lil Wayne—the rapper is obviously also a fan of tattoos.

Liam Payne then explained the meaning of his “Everything I wanted but nothing I’ll ever need” tattoo by saying this:

“There are things I always wanted but all I’ll ever need is my family and these four boys right here.”

Poor Louis Tomlinson decided that Liam’s sweet sentiment was too hard to follow, so he didn’t even try—he said that he got two empty quotation marks inked on his arm simply because he thinks that they look cool (or maybe he just couldn’t think of a quote to put in them but still wanted to get a tattoo).

Zayn Malik explained that he got his “Zap!” tattoo because he’s a big comic book fan (it doesn’t stand for “Zayn And Perrie”), but Louis Tomlinson got offended by his explanation. He exclaimed, “Hang on a second—we developed ‘Zap’ as a word that would spread all over the world, and you just zapped it right there. I’m upset.”

Later on Zayn tried to make amends by saying that Louis is the only member of One Direction that he wants to bring with him if he ever gets stranded on a deserted island. Each guy was asked to choose three people that they would bring with them, and while Zayn picked his girlfriend Perrie Edwards as another one of his companions, Louis didn’t choose Eleanor Calder as one of his—instead he wants a pet monkey named Mario (he also didn’t pick any of his band mates).

Speaking of pets, Hazza apparently wants a gerbil that can do back flips, while poor Liam Payne is still campaigning to get a dog to serve as 1D’s mascot.

The guys also got asked which farm animals they would like to be, and Niall Horan chose a ram. He smartly picked survival expert Bear Grylls and Chef Gordon Ramsay as two of his island companions.

Liam wants to be a cow because he wants to get knocked over so he can see if he can get back up, and for some reason Harry would like to be a goat. Louis would like to be a sheepdog, and Zayn wants to be the farmer’s pet dog.

During the interview the guys also did a ladder dance and talked about the pranks that they’ve played on each other—Zayn once ruined a pair of Niall Horan’s new shoes with lemon juice. Louis also brands poor Hazza “quirky” for saying that his favorite flowers are “vintage roses.”

You can check it out below.

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