Harry Styles Says He’s Talking to Taylor Swift

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Harry Styles admits that he’s been talking to Taylor Swift!

There’s been talk that Taylor has a crush on the One Direction singer ever since the two attended the Kids’ Choice Awards; Taylor even told Justin Bieber about her feelings for the curly-haired cutie. However, lately it’s seemed like Harry is hell-bent on breaking her heart by trying to hook up with everyone else, including The Bachelorette star Jillian Harris and even a writer who interviewed 1D.

So maybe Harry is just keeping his options open by talking to Taylor and not jumping into a serious relationship. According to Hot Hits, he and the country crooner traded phone numbers, and this is what he said about her: “We met in America, she’s very nice, yes. She is very talented. She’s very nice… We’re friends.”

So maybe singer Lily Halpern and photographer Sarah-Louise Colivet should be feeling a little bit jealous right now—Lily seems like she’s pretty smitten with Harry Styles after hanging out with him, and there are rumors that Harry wants to meet up with Sarah again. So if every romance report about Harry is true, Taylor Swift better be careful; she could end up writing a lot of songs about getting her heart broken after falling for the womanizer.

Taylor Swift does have a history of falling for serial daters like Joe Jonas and John Mayer, so maybe she just has a thing for guys who present a bit of a challenge. But even if she wins Harry Styles’ heart and he does decide to start dating her, he’s only 18, so it’s unlikely their relationship would last forever. However, it could be fun to see the two artists collaborate on a song together.

Then again, the rest of One Direction might not like that idea too much. The group is often compared to the Beatles because the guys are a British band who has become popular with girls all over the world. If Harry started collaborating with other singers on his own, the guys might start worrying about a break up. So Directioners can only pray that Taylor doesn’t turn out to be Harry’s Yoko Ono, but they need to keep in mind that Taylor crushing on Harry is no excuse to send her death threats.

So what do you think, would Taylor and Harry make a cute couple?

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