Harry Styles Says Niall Horan Dreams Dirty About Demi Lovato

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It is no secret that Niall Horan and Demi Lovato seem to have a bit of a thing for one another – the two have been Skyping lately and there is much talk going on around the internet that these two absolutely need to hook up.

According to Harry Styles, Niall Horan is already busy hooking up with Demi – at least, in his dreams! In a recent interview, the One Direction guys were presented with photos of celebs, and when Demi Lovato’s photo came up, Harry wrote, “Niall dreams dirty things.”

Whoa! Whether or not Niall Horan really does dream dirty about Demi, well, only Niall himself would know about that (at least, one would hope). It’s likely that Harry was just going a bit overboard teasing his buddy, but, as far as every one of those One Direction boys is concerned, Niall absolutely one hundred percent has a thing for Demi. Whether anything will actually come of it, who knows!

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