Harry Styles Set to Reunite with Caroline Flack When he Gets Back from America

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One Direction star Harry Styles and TV presenter Caroline Flack are going to give their romance one more chance when he gets back from America.

The reason for their breakup is starting to seem more and more suspect—they called it quits shortly before Harry left for America, and now a recent rumor says that they might reconcile when he returns to the UK. Because of the timing, it looks like they might have called it quits for publicity or to temporarily make Harry a more kid-friendly figure while he’s in America.

After all, he and his band mates are set to appear on the show iCarly, and they’ll be touring with the boys of Big Time Rush while they’re in the States. These Nickelodeon shows are geared toward a tween audience, and Harry Styles’ relationship with Caroline Flack is certainly a little too controversial for kids; many American parents would not be okay with their daughters idolizing a 17-year-old that is dating a 32-year-old.

So did Harry and Caroline temporarily break up so that he and One Direction could be marketed more toward younger girls in America? It’s extremely possible, because The Sun is reporting that Harry and Caroline are planning to meet up at a cottage in Cornwall when he gets back from the States.

The couple is allegedly going to spend some time together to make sure that they made the right decision because they’ve been missing each other a lot. In fact, Caroline Flack has been contacting Harry Styles regularly while he’s been in America.

So it seems that there’s no hope of Harry making a connection with an American teen celebrity—it would have been nice for him to go on a few dates with a girl closer to his own age like Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kendall Jenner. The 16-year-old already has her own legion of fans, so she could have helped One Direction get a little extra publicity while they’re in America. But instead it looks like Harry might jump right back into an unhealthy relationship with an older woman.

There’s no way that things can work out between Caroline and Harry; they’re at two completely different places in their lives. Harry is a young guy on the cusp of superstardom that’s going to have tons of young girls throwing themselves at him, while Caroline is a mature woman. There’s no way Harry will want to stay with her if One Direction becomes just as big as Justin Bieber—he’s going to want his own Selena Gomez instead.

And of course, Caroline will eventually get tired of all the criticism she has to endure for dating a teenager. As Demi Moore proved, trying to be a cougar can end very badly.

So what do you think, should Caroline and Harry give their romance one more chance, or could their love spell disaster for his career?

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