Harry Styles Spends the Night with Rita Ora—Should Rob Kardashian Be Worried?

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Harry Styles can add another hot blonde to the long list of women he’s been linked to—he was photographed partying with pop star Rita Ora at the GAY club in London. So should Rob Kardashian be worried?

After all, Hazza has earned a bit of a reputation as a lady-killer, and Rita has admitted to having a crush on him. The One Direction star was so excited to get to hang with Rita that he left Liam Payne’s birthday party early to enjoy her show.

Rita was definitely dressed to impress a girl-crazy guy like Hazza—she donned a pair of super-sexy thigh-high boots and a barely-there pair of shorts. She later tweeted to the pop prince, “Lookin flyer then a mofo @Harry_Styles.”

Surely Rob Kardashian would be worried about Harry Styles hanging with the woman who is supposedly his girlfriend, right? Not exactly—he was too busy planning a fun night out with Rihanna. That’s right—Rob and RiRi went out on a date. However, RiRi wasn’t happy about being caught spending time with Rob—she flipped off the photogs that caught the couple racing go-karts together. Interestingly, she was wearing a pair of thigh-high boots that were strikingly similar to Rita’s.

It sounds like she and Hazza might have a better time than sour-faced Rihanna and Rob—one attendee of Rita’s GAY performance tweeted that the One Direction singer took part in a food fight backstage.

So are Rob and Rita Ora experiencing relationship woes? It’s possible—Rita has also been spotted spending some quality time with Rizzle Kicks member Harley ‘Sylvester’ Alexander-Sule before spending the night partying with Hazza.

It seems more likely that these odd celeb couples are just friends—it’s hard to imagine RiRi getting serious with sock mogul Rob, and surely Rita wouldn’t want to deal with jealous Directioners. However, since Rob and Rita have been spending so much time with the opposite sex and because they’re currently both on different continents, it definitely looks like they might be over.

But if they’re not, perhaps they should set up their pals—RiRi and Hazza would make a cute couple, don’t you think?

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