Harry Styles Spots an Astronaut; Niall Horan Does a Jig; and Liam Moonwalks (Video)

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Harry Styles got really excited during One Direction’s Dallas concert—he thought he saw a moon man in the crowd!

Well, actually it was a moon woman. Apparently a Directioner thought that the best way to stand out from the rest of the crowd was by dressing like an astronaut. As it turns out, she was right.

Harry started thinking about space because Liam Payne did the moonwalk during the Twitter question portion of the concert. He performed Michael Jackson’s most iconic dance to the tune of “Billie Jean,” and he even did the splits at the end. Niall Horan’s response to this was rather hilarious—he definitely had an “Ow! My balls!” reaction.

So Justin Bieber better watch out, the MJ fan definitely has some dance competition from the guy that used to look like him. As some One Direction fans will remember, once upon a time Liam Payne was a Justin lookalike, but he eventually decided to stop rocking the Biebs’ helmet hair, probably because he kept getting mistaken for the pop star.

And speaking of Justin Bieber, Harry Styles probably shares the “Boyfriend” singer’s love of Buzz Lightyear judging from the way he responded to the moon girl. Harry exclaimed to his pals, “Speaking of moonwalk, there’s an astronaut over there!” He then pointed into the crowd with a sense of childlike wonder and said in amazement, “A proper astronaut!”

So perhaps Harry better put his name on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic passengers list; since he’s obviously such a space fan, someday he could be a real astronaut by blasting off on the billionaire’s space shuttle. And he definitely should be able to afford a ticket to outer space.

You can check out Harry Styles’ reaction below. One Direction also does The Inbetweeners dance, and you can have fun trying to figure out what the hell Louis Tomlinson is doing at the 0:53 mark.

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