Harry Styles Talks About Emma Ostilly (Video)

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Harry Styles has spoken out about his rumored girlfriend Emma Ostilly.

One Direction fans were devastated when they learned that Harry was caught kissing the American model, and some angry Directioners even abused her so badly on Twitter that she deleted her account. So what does Harry have to say about all the madness?

He hasn’t stood up for Emma by telling fans to leave her alone, but he did sort of speak about her during an interview in New Zealand. He was asked where he was the night before when he visited the Gypsy Tea Room with Emma, and at first he tried to deny that he was out on a late night date by saying that he was in bed by 11. However, the interviewers wouldn’t drop the matter, saying that he was spotted out and about around 2:15 a.m. Harry’s ever-helpful pal Louis Tomlinson responded to the statement for him by saying, “Correct.”

Harry Styles finally fessed up to being at the bar after Louis kind of forced him to, and he said that the people at the Gypsy Tea Room were really nice to him. But of course what the interviewers really wanted to know about was Harry’s date Emma Ostilly.

One of them mistakenly thought that she was his ex-girlfriend from New Zealand, but Harry responded by saying this:

“No, she’s not a New Zealander. She’s just a friend.”

Directioners will certainly be relieved that Harry used the F-word there, but of course celebrities say that all the time about the people they’re dating. But who knows? Maybe he and Emma Ostilly aren’t serious – they could have become pals while shooting the “Gotta Be You” video together, and maybe they just met up for a few nights since they both happened to be in New Zealand. Harry said that she was in the country for work.

It’s pretty great how the rest of One Direction tries to help Harry Styles through what had to be an uncomfortable interview. At one point Liam Payne can be heard saying, “She’s not a girlfriend, either.” When pressed further on the matter, Harry sheepishly grinned and said that he preferred not to talk about it anymore.

Of course Louis Tomlinson had to chime in and try to move things along by saying, “Let’s have some good questions. Come on.” Harry was probably relieved that the other half of Larry Stylinson tried to help him get out of that awkward conversation.

You can check out the interview below. So what do you think – is Emma a fling, friend, or serious girlfriend?

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