Harry Styles Talks about Swimming Cows; Liam Payne Catches a Shark

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Harry Styles and the rest of One Direction apparently took an interest in the local wildlife after visiting sunny California, but Liam Payne probably didn’t want to get as close to a shark as he did during a fishing trip.

Liam had only been fishing once before when the guys tried their luck off the coast of San Diego, so he was certainly surprised to reel in a tiger shark. Tiger sharks might not get as big as great white sharks, the frightening-looking giants featured in the Jaws movies, but they’re just as dangerous since they have a habit of eating just about anything.

Luckily Liam Payne didn’t have to worry about the shark seeing him as lunch—it was just a baby, and the One Direction singer kindly threw the little critter back in the ocean. But this encounter might give the masterminds behind the SyFy movie Jersey Shore Shark Attack another awful idea: Behemoth Tiger Shark vs. British Boy Band.

At least Liam Payne didn’t pull a Led Zeppelin by taking the shark back to One Direction’s hotel and doing something awful with it. After all, the 1D guys have tried to emulate rock stars in the past—Harry Styles once tossed a TV out a window in an effort to be more rock ‘n’ roll like The Rolling Stones member Keith Richards.

And speaking of Harry, he apparently prefers some of the ocean’s more peaceful animals over sharks. Or at least he defended the honor of dolphins everywhere by poking fun at his stylist Lou Teasdale for comparing them to smelly land animals. He tweeted, “According to @louteasdale dolphins are like ‘Swimming cows.’ Wow.” Of course, everyone knows that manatees are the real cows of the sea.

So hopefully Harry Styles will be around Lou’s daughter Lux for a few more years; it’s obviously a bad idea for Lou to try to teach little Lux about animals as she grows older. And by the time she’s studying animals, maybe Uncle Liam Payne’s shark story will get better; catches tend to get bigger every time a fisherman tells his seafaring tales.

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