Harry Styles, Taylor Swift Back Together? Check Out Their Jewelry

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Are Harry Styles and Taylor Swift dating again? It sure looks like it. The One Direction guy and the country sweetheart were recently spotted sporting matching necklaces. Now that Conor Kennedy has been conveniently kicked to the curb, the two music stars may be back together.

If anyone is wondering why they ever parted in the first place, it’s not really all that complicated. Taylor and Harry dated briefly before she hooked up with the Kennedy scion. But, alas, as often seems to happen with La Swift’s boyfriends, Harry misbehaved. Or at least she thought he did. It seems Taylor heard (fantasized?) that Harry cheated on her. She reportedly waxed hysterical and went online to find the photographic proof of his “indiscretion.” And that, as they say, was that. Damned paparazzi! The sad thing is that according to insiders, both Harry and La Swift actually thought they’d found the real thing.

“Taylor really liked Harry,” revealed the source, “and even though they weren’t exclusive, he hinted at making it official with her just before he took off to Australia. He even told Taylor he didn’t want her to see anybody else while he was gone!”

Sounds serious. Of course, when Taylor found the pictures, she saw “Red.” (Pun intended.) Even though Harry claimed to have a perfectly good explanation, she refused to listen.

“Taylor had all these texts from Harry begging for a chance to explain and telling her not to believe everything she reads,” tattled the source.

Alas, Harry’s desperate contrition or explanation or whatever was too little too late. He ended up on the curb now occupied by Conor Kennedy. Ouch.

So, there you have it. Do you think Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are together again? Interestingly a new Hollywood Life poll shows a 73.48 percent majority of the respondents don’t think they should be together.

What do you think?

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