Harry Styles Using Taylor Swift—But Not for Sex

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Rumor has it that Harry Styles is using Taylor Swift, but his exploitation of the country sweetheart has nothing to do with sex. Which is probably true. Even though none of them are as cute as their publicity machine has made the world believe they are, all five One Direction guys could have sex with multiple women every night of the week and twice on Sundays if they so chose. And perhaps they do. That’s what happens when you’re a member of the “It” boy band of the moment. More power to them. Anyway, it’s not sex or any other biologically based need that drove sweet Harry into Taylor’s arms. It was the chance for some truly golden publicity—unlike any he could get elsewhere. Even more shocking, Harry reportedly doesn’t care if La Swift writes a song about him when he eventually dumps her—just as she did with John Mayer, Joe Jonas, and Jake Gyllenhaal. In fact, he wants her to write about him. Because you can’t have too much free publicity. Yikes. The 1D guy—a junior grade British Machiavelli. Who knew?

“Anytime Taylor starts dating a new guy she gets a flurry of media attention, and her breakups receive even more,” mused an inside source. “After one of Taylor’s relationships sours, it’s almost a sure bet she’ll write a song about it and there will be even more waves of publicity. That’s why her romance with Harry was arranged by his handlers.”

Wait a minute. Back it up. Rewind. The Swift/Styles romance was “arranged by Harry’s handlers”? Apparently. It seems Taylor and Styles first met at the Nickelodeon awards show, and they became friends. That gave Harry’s publicity machine a great idea.

“When his advisers saw the potential for a blossoming relationship, they began doing everything they could to push the two closer together,” tattled the insider. “It took some time because Taylor began to date Conor Kennedy, but they didn’t give up and saw to it that Harry was waiting for her with open arms when she broke up with him. Now, they’re just waiting for the relationship to take its course and reap the publicity benefits of a breakup.”

Sounds absolutely labyrinthine. But, according to the inside sources, there’s only one problem: Taylor Swift is really in love with Harry Styles. No, seriously in love.

“Little does Taylor know that Harry’s handlers went to great lengths to put the two together because she’s such a huge star,” the source continued. “The problem is Taylor has really fallen hard for Harry, so her heartbreak is going to be a real doozy.”

And that very real heartbreak will make for an even more hauntingly heartfelt hard luck, heartbreak song.

Oh well, best of luck to all concerned. If possible. Whatever. Stay tuned.

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