Harry Styles Wants a Girl to Just ‘Walk Up’ to Him and Ask for a Date!

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Harry Styles is probably one of the most wanted young men on the planet right now, and apparently he wants a girl to do the impossible: walk up to him and tell him she wants to date him.

Seriously, Hazza? How is that even possible with all the security you have around you at all times?

Either Harry wasn’t thinking that he’s now a massive pop star and needs to have security surrounding him everywhere he goes, or he knows that it’s basically impossible for a girl to get close to him so he’s seeing who is up for the challenge.

Whatever the reason, Harry really shouldn’t encourage One Direction fans because they are devoted and will do anything—literally anything—to get what they want!

Here’s Harry Styles take on dating via Hollywood Life:

“I think if you like someone, then you like that person—you shouldn’t play games. You should ask them out,” he said. “Walk up to me and just make conversation. I like someone who’s easy to talk to!”

Well, there you go then. If you really want to date Hazza, just walk up to him and start chatting randomly about something. That’s sure to work wonders!

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