Harry Styles, Zayn Malik Welcome New Band Member to One Direction – Johnny Depp!

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Harry Styles and Zayn Malik are big tattoo fans, so the One Direction singers had to be excited to add an ink-loving sixth member to the band.

Johnny Depp was only a temporary member of the British boy band, but girls everywhere must be thrilled by the thought of Captain Jack jamming with 1D.One Direction, Andy and Johnny Depp!

The actor was trying to be the best dad ever when he invited the group to meet him at his home recording studio in L.A. His 13-year-old daughter Lily Rose is a Directioner, so she begged her famous father to arrange a meeting for her and her friends. According to The Sun, here’s what a source said about One Direction’s meeting with Johnny Depp:

“He brought out his piano and guitars for the boys to test and they had a little jam session.

Lily Rose just watched with her blushing mates while her dad temporarily joined the world’s biggest boy band.”

The honorary sixth member of the group promised to have a glass of whiskey with the guys when they’re old enough to drink in the U.S.

It’s nice that Johnny jammed with the boys even though their brand of pop music probably isn’t his cup of tea. He seems to be more of a Rolling Stones fan, and he’s jammed with shock rocker Alice Cooper.

Maybe Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne got a chance to compare their tattoos to Johnny’s body art, and perhaps he gave them a bit of advice about getting inked. If he did, he probably told them not to get girls’ names inked on their bodies since he had to have part of his tattoo tribute to ex Winona Ryder removed.

The guys could have also asked Johnny about what being a movie star is like since they’re about to star in their own 3D film, and who knows? Maybe their new friend will help them score a cameo in Pirates of the Caribbean 5. Louis Tomlinson does have a little acting experience after appearing on a TV movie, so maybe he could be a member of Captain Jack’s crew.

So do you think that any of the members of 1D will become movie stars like Johnny?

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