‘Harry’s Law’ Recap: ‘Breaking Points’

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In this episode of Harry’s Law, Harry defends a juror who skipped out on deliberations, Adam teams up with Phoebe to defend a reality star being sued by her in-laws, and Cassie and Ollie try to define their relationship.

The juror catches Harry in the elevator to seek help. The jury was sequestered for over two months and she got tired of it so she left. The police are looking for her and Harry says she should just turn herself in. But she’s not going back without a lawyer. Adam, Phoebe, and the reality star’s ex-lawyer meet to discus the case. Her husband committed suicide and he tells the group the woman needs to settle because she won’t make for a sympathetic person.

The judge in Harry’s case is upset because the woman skipped out on the jury. He gets so upset she starts pacing and yelling. He orders the woman held on contempt of court and puts her in jail so Harry demands a court hearing and the judge agrees. Adam tells Phoebe the case is a train wreck and they’re going to lose but she persuades him to stay and help her.

The reality star’s sister-in-law testifies her brother was a sensitive guy and his wife belittled, emasculated, and berated him on the show. He had some depression issues and it made the whole thing worse. The sister wished she’d stopped her brother before the show started. In videos, the court is shown the woman acting outrageously towards her husband.

In Harry’s case, the woman testifies she was under tremendous pressure during the trial. She was one of the two holdouts and was feeling the pressure. She spoke to the judge and he told her to suck it up so she ran. She had hit her breaking point and no one cared. Phoebe’s reality star says she had to ramp up the drama in order to stay on the show. Her husband wanted to leave the show but they decided to stay for the money. The lawyer for the family paints the woman as trailer trash.

Adam cross-examines the producer from the reality show and he says they mold and shape the show to get the best value. The video was edited to make it look like she didn’t care about her husband but when the whole video is shown she’s actually talking about how caring he is.

The judge in Harry’s case agrees that jurors are under a lot of stress but the woman had three months to get out beforehand. With her leaving, a new trial must be conducted and $4 million was lost. He finds her in contempt and recommends the district attorney to file obstruction of justice charges against her.

The reality star in-laws lawyer says the woman was vile and awful to her husband. She didn’t slit his wrist but she pushed him to it. Adam says while his client didn’t look good on television, it was edited. Also, they both signed up for the show and they both got paid for it. He knew what he was signing up for and participated anyway. Although it’s tragic, his client is not at fault. The jury finds in favor of the reality star on all charges except one: emotional distress, and awards the family $100,000.

Afterwards, Phoebe asks Adam to join her firm. He says no but offers her a job at Harry’s firm. Harry offers Tommy the opportunity to merge their firms into one and he gets choked up.

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