‘Harry’s Law’ Recap: ‘Class War’

This episode of Harry’s Law features a return of former cast member Malcolm, played by Aml Ameen. Malcolm worked for the law firm/shoe store in season 1 as a paralegal after he fell on Harry in a botched suicide attempt. He also dated Jenna, another former cast member and shoe store manager.

Three young men barge into the law office and are confronted by Ollie before Harry steps in; she knows the guys from the neighborhood. Two of the guys tell her the third one is 14 and he did it. Harry doesn’t know what they’re talking about, and CK tells her Malcolm is in jail and the boy did whatever Malcolm was arrested for. Harry visits Malcolm in jail, and he’s being charged with burglary. Malcolm says he didn’t break in, the doorman let him in. Apparently Malcolm was investigating a city councilman.

Meanwhile, Phoebe and Adam are defending British man, Tony, who is facing extradition for a crime he committed when he was 17. Tony was an art thief in London when he stole a Rembrandt. The painting was recently recovered in London, and the investigation led to him. Now London wants to bring him back to face charges.

In the office, Malcolm tells Harry he’s trying to get Little D, a man from the first season, a new trial. He was convicted of murder and faces death row. The police are in cahoots with the councilman, and Little D is innocent. Harry, initially defending Little D, set him up with a more experienced defense attorney who went through the motions. Harry, Tommy, and Malcolm visit Little D on death row, and he tells them the police officer he’s accused of killing hired him to torch a building owned by the councilman for insurance purposes. When Little D showed up to get paid when the dirty cop tries to kill him. Instead, Little D being a better shot, killed the cop.

Ollie and Cassie find out the building Little D burned down was not insured. The city gave the building to a development company using eminent domain. The developer can only claim eminent domain if the neighborhood is blighted. Since Little D burned down the building, the developer was able to claim blight and get the land for free.

In Adam and Phoebe’s case, the prosecution argues for sending Tony back to London to face trial. Adam argues the crime was a long time ago and he’s been a law-abiding citizen for 20 years. Phoebe says a large group of people in the courtroom is ready to testify on behalf of Tony. Harry meets with a former consultant for the developer and tells him she knows he was involved with the burning down of the building and the cop worked for him. Harry tells him she’s exposing the whole thing and he better come clean while he can.

Adam meets with Tony and his witnesses to discuss the case. Adam asks Tony what can he offer to convince the court to allow him to stay, and he offers a couple of jokes. Adam gets upset, so Tony says he doesn’t have anything to offer. A couple of people in the room say going into Tony’s tea shop is the highlight of their day and that’s something.

Harry has Little D testify in superior court about what he did during the arson. He testifies the cop met him at a building and told him his money was behind a dumpster. When he went to get it, the cop shot at him, hitting him in the shoulder. Little D fired back and killed the cop. The DA, Kim Mendelsohn, played by Camryn Manheim, cross-examines Little D, and it doesn’t go well. Back at the office, Harry, Ollie, Cassie, and Malcolm are discouraged and feel they let Little D down, and he has no options when the consultant comes back and agrees to testify.

The consultant testifies the developer company wanted the building through eminent domain, but it was not blighted enough. So he used the cop who also was involved with eminent domain projects. The consultant paid the cop $40,000 to burn down the building, but he didn’t know who burned the building or about Little D shooting the cop. The DA gets the consultant to say he knows nothing about the shooting.

Adam argues Tony provides a humanitarian benefit to the neighborhood. The neighborhood has been gentrified and displaced a lot of people. Tony provides the people in his neighborhood an outlet into the far-reaching world without leaving the block. The crime took place 20 years ago, and it was worth $700. The painting was returned, and the aggrieved has been made whole. Taking Tony away will affect the entire neighborhood.

The DA in Harry’s case says no new evidence is presented so Little D doesn’t deserve a new trial. Harry says the consultant’s testimony proves the cop was dirty and not a hero as alleged. Sending Little D to his death with this new information would be a travesty of justice. The judge rules Little D’s previous attorney had the information and chose not to use it so he rules against them. The DA says she’ll look into the information and, if necessary, will work to commute the sentence.

The judge in Adam and Phoebe’s case leaves to go home, but they run him down. He says he ruled but he’ll tell them tomorrow. They plead with him, and he says they won. At Tony’s shop, he thanks the neighborhood and his lawyers. Adam walks Phoebe home and tells her he needs to go back to work for Harry. She tells him she likes him and kisses him goodnight.

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