‘Harry’s Law’ Recap: ‘Search and Seize’

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In this episode of Harry’s Law, Ollie and a group of men are searching a neighborhood looking for a young man. When they spot him, they all get out of the van and catch up to him. Ollie calls his name and he attempts to run but is quickly caught. One of the men in the group is the young man’s father and he tells him it’s time to come home.

Meanwhile, Harry is trying to leave for work when her neighbor stops her. She tells Harry she saw a UFO or something hovering in her backyard but Harry thinks she’s crazy. The woman asks Harry to look in the sky in the backyard when she gets home.

In the office, Ollie tells Adam what went down and he’s incredulous. Adam tells him he can’t kidnap a kid and he’ll just run away again. Ollie says he won’t because he’s locked in the basement. Adam tells Tommy and he doesn’t see a problem and neither does Cassie. The young man is a minor so it’s not kidnapping and he can’t be emancipated in Ohio. Harry comes in and tells Adam to get downstairs to the shoe store.

The workers tell Adam they’re on strike because Chunhua is abusive. She docks them if they don’t strictly follow the dress code, if they’re a minute late, or if the till doesn’t balance to the penny. Adam talks to Chunhua and she says she only expects them to do her job and nothing more.

A woman comes in and tells Ollie she represents the boy they grabbed and if he’s not released, she’s making trouble. Ollie says the boy isn’t being released. Later, Ollie asks Cassie her opinion and she thinks they’re ok. She then reveals they slept together after the gala and she wants to know if they’re a thing or was it a one-off. Ollie wants to take it slow.

At night, Harry’s at home and she hears a noise in her backyard. She goes outside and sees something hovering in the sky. She runs into the house, grabs her shotgun, and shoots it down. She hears a knock at the door and when she opens it, the police are there. She shot down their drone. She calls Tommy over and the chief of police shows up. She wants to know why the police are spying on her and the chief says they’re spying on her neighbor because they think she’s a sex offender.

Harry’s neighbor comes in and she says she’s not a sex offender. She participates in a website where she made demos for a nude site but didn’t go through with it. Her computer was hacked and maybe the hackers saw the info and called the police. She lost her job as a teacher.

In court, Ollie tells the judge his parents grabbed him because he left school. The lawyer for the boy asks the judge to hear from him before making his decision and he agrees. At the shoe store, the workers tell Adam Chunhua inspects them before each shift. One worker tells Chunhua that maybe it’s her culture that causes her to act this way but they’re not in China. Chunhua says it’s their culture that is the problem. Americans don’t want to work but they want the check, the perks, and the insurance. She fires them all. Harry is livid.

Harry tells her neighbor the police don’t believe she is a sex offender, just an adult star. But the school district doesn’t want that kind of thing associated with them so she’s not getting her job back, so the woman wants to sue. In court, the young man testifies that his parents are out of control. He doesn’t want to go to Harvard or Yale, he wants to work at his company. He loves his parents but they’re blocking his way.

The next day, Harry comes to work and the former shoe store employees are picketing outside. She tells Chunhua she wants to see her in the office when she gets out of court. In court, the young man’s mother says he doesn’t know what he wants.

Harry tells the judge she wants him to force the school to rehire the woman. The police invaded the woman’s privacy using the drone. The school doesn’t care because she made a sex tape, which they don’t like. The judge decides he needs to see the video to make a judgment.

Harry meets with Chunhua and tells her she does a good job but is not a good human resource manager. Chunhua says Jenna gave them extended lunches, employee discounts, and automatic bonuses, she does not. Jenna wanted to be their friend while she is their boss. Adam is also part of the problem. He enjoys being buddies with the girls and he’s soft with pretty women. Adam is livid and wants to fire Chunhua but Harry tells him to work it out.

Ollie argues the young man needs parenting at his age. He also needs a college degree to ensure a sustained career. The kid’s lawyer says the time is now to mine his brainpower and seize the day. The judge gives them all a week to work it out before going to children’s services.

The judge in Harry’s case says the media wants in the room and he is erring on the side of the children in this case. The woman wants Harry to fight so she will. The school’s lawyer says people no longer have an expectation of privacy. Harry says the government spied on her client in the privacy of her home. She tells the judge agreeing the 4<sup>th</sup> amendment is dead is obscene. The judge says he can’t force the district but suggests she get her job back. Adam tells Harry the shoe store mess is cleaned up and all is well.

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