‘Harry’s Law’ Recap: ‘The Lying Game’

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In this episode of Harry’s Law, the firm takes on a couple of interesting cases: former client who shot himself in the head with a nail gun while Ollie and Cassie defend a woman charged with killing her husband sues Harry. Harry earned $3 million on his case, but now he says he was not of sound mind and wants the money back and Harry tells him to go to hell.

The woman Ollie and Cassie are defending set up a shotgun on a ladder. She rigged the gun to fire when the front door opened and placed a sign on the door warning anyone entering would be shot. Her husband came in and was killed. When Cassie arrives, the woman tells her she didn’t load the gun, her daughter did. She refuses to turn her daughter in and they argue self-defense.

The woman wants to testify on her own behalf but Ollie and Cassie can’t put her on the stand because they know she’s lying. The woman wants to talk to Harry about the situation and she decides to speak to the judge. Harry argues the woman should be free to tell her story and let the jury decide and he agrees. Harry tells the woman the truth will eventually come out, her daughter will go to a juvenile facility, and she will go to prison. Harry encourages the woman to tell the truth.

Harry meets with the district attorney, Crookshank, and tells him about what really happened with the woman and her daughter. Crookshank doesn’t believe Harry, and even if he did, the mother is still guilty of negligent homicide. Harry wants the girl in a hospital but Crookshank wants her in jail.

Back in court, Harry walks the woman through her story about how she set up the gun. On the stand, she changes her story and says she loaded the gun and set the trigger. She said her daughter had nothing to do with it. The woman says she wants to stop but Harry tells her she has one chance to tell the truth. She finally tells the truth about what really happened.

The lawyer of the man suing the law firm deposes Adam. Before the nail shooting the man offered a little over $100,000 to Harry for a case. After the nail he offered $3 million. Adam says he didn’t think the man was of sound mind when he made the offer.

Crookshank cross-examines the woman and after he’s done she doesn’t look good. In closing, Harry tells the jury the woman bares some responsibility but she didn’t load the gun. Even if she should know better, it’s negligence and not murder. Crookshank says all the evidence points to the woman and her story just doesn’t make sense. The jury returns and finds her not guilty.

Tommy, representing Harry, tells the lawyer they’ll never get the money back but he’ll offer $350,000 but she turns it down. Later in a bar, the lawyer suing Harry sits down with Adam and offers him a job working with her and he declines. But he’s thinking about it.

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