‘Harry’s Law’ Season 2, Episode 6 Recap: ‘The Rematch’

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After taking a week off, Harry’s Law is back with some familiar faces. Puck, played by Paul McCrane, is charged with aiding and abetting a kidnapping. In reality, he negotiated the safe return of the child, but the police don’t see it that way. Harry and Adam are taking the case for Puck. Hoseanna Roseanna, played by Jean Smart, is prosecuting the case, even though she was referred for disbarment by a judge. During a press conference, Roseanna is her usual snarky self.

Tommy gets a visit from his oldest clients, Gloria and Abe Gold, played by Katherine Helmond and Fyvush Finkel. Abe has Alzheimer’s disease, and Gloria wants to put him into a nursing home. Gloria wants to get a divorce so they can afford to put Abe in the home. Tommy tells Gloria that her idea is fraud, and she says, “I know, that’s why I came to you.”

In Roseanna’s office, Harry asks how she beat the disbarment charges, and the DA says she had enough political clout. Harry asks Roseanna if she really believes Puck kidnapped the child, and she basically says yes. She goes further and insinuates Puck may have even gotten a piece of the ransom money. Puck starts to say something, but Harry cuts him off and asks everyone to behave like adults. Roseanna doesn’t do adult, but she is excited to mix it up with Harry again.

During the trial, the parents of the kidnapped child testify the house alarm went off. When they checked, their daughter was gone. Later, they got a visit from a private investigator that worked for Puck and told them about the ransom, $2 million. A couple of days later, Puck showed up with the missing child. He made a deal with the kidnapper and brought the girl home. The prosecution believes Puck acted as a middleman or broker.

In the office, Tommy lays out the Gold’s case to Cassie and asks her to represent either Abe or Gloria. Cassie tells Tommy it’s a scam and they could get in trouble. While the two are discussing it, Abe and Gloria show up and plead with her. Back in court, the FBI says Puck should be prosecuted because as a private citizen, he got in the way. He inserted himself into a dangerous situation. Harry asks if the FBI arrests and prosecutes private companies when they insert themselves into kidnappings, and the agent says no.

Abe is sitting in Cassie’s office, but she doesn’t want anything to do with the case. Tommy asks Cassie to just talk to him. As she is trying to talk to him, Abe tells a dirty joke. Cassie tells Tommy and Gloria that Abe cannot agree to a divorce because of his mental state. While they are talking, Abe starts playing a keyboard in Cassie’s office. When they go inside, he says to Tommy, “I’m dying. I have Alzheimer’s,” and Gloria starts crying.

Harry is upset with Cassie for getting involved. Cassie defends her involvement and old people in general. Ollie goes on a rant against old people who don’t save, Medicare fraud, and the government saying, “Old people are what’s wrong with this country. Sick ones are the worst culprits.” Cassie tells Tommy there are a couple of problems: leaving everything to Gloria will raise a flag and if Abe is in on the scam, he could tip Medicare, if he’s not, he will think Gloria is really leaving him. When she asks if Abe knows about the nursing home, Tommy tells her to let him know.

In court, Puck testifies about the abduction. The man who kidnapped the girl came to Puck and tells him if he goes to the police, the girl would never be seen again. He thought it was the only way to make sure the girl is safely returned to her family. Roseanna asks why he kept the girl for a day, and Puck says for everyone’s safety. Roseanna asks what the man’s name is since the danger has passed, and he refuses, citing attorney/client privilege. Heck of a deal for the kidnapper, according to Roseanna.

She goes on to ask him about his stance on kidnapping when he was a prosecutor. He was against it but helped in this one. All a kidnapper needs is a lawyer to help him out, says Roseanna. Harry asks what happened to the boy he did not help the first time. Puck, very emotional, says he was murdered. The little girl who was kidnapped testifies next about her ordeal. She tells the court about everything and how the kidnapper took her to Puck’s office. Roseanna asks the girl about her time in Puck’s office. She says she stayed there for one night and she asked Puck why isn’t he calling the police because the man is getting away. Puck says he made a deal.

Roseanna offers Puck two years in prison, but Harry declines. Harry tells Roseanna she needs professional help and Puck is the toast of the town. Roseanna says, “So was LeBron James, things change.” Roseanna is confident she will win the case.

In the office, Tommy offers to pay for Abe’s care, but Gloria declines. She wants a divorce because she wants to marry someone else. Gloria is tired of Abe’s jokes at her expense and cannot take it anymore. Tommy is crestfallen and walks out of the office. He so believed in their love and relationship.

In closing arguments, Roseanna says she sympathizes with Puck but she wouldn’t do it because it encourages kidnappers. He could have gone to the police, but instead, he let the kidnapper get away. He knows the law, he just chose to ignore it. The kidnapper will probably strike again because of Puck’s actions. Harry says Puck saved the girl’s life. She tells the jury to put themselves in the parent’s shoes. What would they do? The boy that got kidnapped and murdered has weighed on Puck for seven years. He’s lost everything in his life because of that day. He was presented with the same choice and chose a different outcome.

Gloria visits Tommy in his office and tells him she spent 60 years as the brunt of Abe’s jokes. She’s never had a life outside of Abe, but she has one now. Harry sees Roseanna at a bar and goes to sit with her. She asks why Roseanna took the case. Roseanna says her family doesn’t like her because she spends too much time at work. She’s just like Puck, and when he, with his conduct, went against law and order, she took it personally. She also thinks Puck doesn’t want to win because it would go against law and order. If he makes peace with this decision, how can he live with the first one? He wants the jury to validate his first decision.

Back at the office, Cassie tells Abe that Gloria wants a divorce. He doesn’t understand and wonders what he will do without Gloria. Tommy comes in and tells Abe he will be taken care of. Abe slips back into his Alzheimer’s and starts telling jokes about his wife. Cassie is devastated.

The jury comes back with a verdict: not guilty. Roseanna is dumbfounded and just sits at the prosecution table while the courtroom clears out.

What do you think of Harry’s Law? Is Roseanna right about Puck? What will become of Hoseanna Roseanna? Catch Harry’s Law Wednesday’s 9/8c on NBC.

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