‘Hart of Dixie’ Spoilers: Scott Porter Teases George and Wade Fight

Hart of Dixie is one of the lucky series that The CW decide to renew for a second season earlier this month. This series was on the bubble for most of the last few months, but fan support forced the network to give it more time. What will happen in season two though? Zoe will have two men battling for her it sounds like. Bring it on!

Scott Porter revealed what is next for the George/Zoe/Wade love triangle on the series. In the finale, George finally went to tell Zoe how he felt, but she had just done the deed with Wade. This is far from over. Porter said the following, according to TV Line:

“I think the character of Wade is fantastic, and I think we’ve seen a lot of facets of him. I would like to see more facets of George come to light, and then see a head-to-head, knockdown, drag out between the two of them. You know there is a history there. You know there is a past. I want to see the two of them really duke it out and kind of see more of their relationship, their friendship, what their past is about. I think you’re going to get all of that this season.”

It does sound like there is more drama to come for Rachel Bilson’s Zoe in season two. Hart of Dixie has moved nights on the network, so fans will be able to catch up on all the action on Tuesday nights.

Are you ready to see the men in Zoe’s life battle it out?

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