Harvard Medical School Workout Workbook: My Review

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I was recently chosen by Gather to receive a copy of the Harvard Medical School Workout Workbook. When I received the workbook, I was surprised at how slender the book is. However, I was pleased to find that there is a lot of information packed into the workbook’s 49 pages. Covering topics such as why one should work out, how much time one should spend working out, how to stay motivated, and how to set goals for yourself, as well as explanations of a wide variety of exercises to help the reader determine a workout that will be beneficial and interesting, this workbook would be a fantastic guide for beginners or those who are somewhat more advanced.


The second half of the workbook is dedicated to nine workouts, plus warm-up and cool-down routines. These include:

1.       Home & Travel Workout

2.       Resistance Band and Tube Workout

3.       Ball Workout

4.       Mixed Workout: Bosu, Weights, and Medicine Ball Routine

5.       Core Workout

6.       Split Strength Workout: Lower Body

7.       Split Strength Workout: Upper Body

8.       Power Challenge Workout

9.       Complex Workout

A number of these workouts require additional equipment, such as a medicine ball, bosu, weights, jump rope, or stability ball. Several require nothing more than your body and the desire to workout. One of the most helpful aspects of the workbook is that each workout is accompanied by photographs that illustrate each exercise.

Of the nine workouts, I’ve tried the following:

1.       Home & Travel Workout

2.       Core Workout

3.       Split Strength Workout: Lower Body

4.       Split Strength Workout: Upper Body

In addition, I’ve pieced together various components of the workouts I haven’t done, based on the equipment I have available, to create different workouts. I look forward to trying the remaining workouts as demonstrated in the workbook once I have the proper equipment to do so.

Overall, I would recommend the Harvard Medical School Workout Workbook for anyone interested in improving his or her health through exercise. The workbook includes much information important to one who is beginning a workout routine or someone with more experience who may need a refresher. Although the workbook is quite slender and could be packed in a suitcase easily for travel, I would like to see it published in a “pocket” sized version to improve upon its portability.


The Harvard Medical School Workout Workbook is available at https://www.health.harvard.edu/special_health_reports/The-Workout-Workbook in both print and electronic editions.

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