Has anyone else wondered if Michael Jacksons children are singers?

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I have not been able to watch much of the coverage about the death of Michael Jackson since I have been busy working, so I do not know how much has been said about his children. I have seen a few articles about the kids here on the computer. I know that the children led a really sheltered life and that their world has been turned upside down and they will most likely live a completely different lifestyle now.

Has anyone ever heard or read if any of the children sing? Could you imagine how big of news it would be if it turned out that one or all of the kids can sing the way Michael Jackson did? If they end up staying with Michaels parents, do you suppose they might try to get the kids into show business the way their children were? If they have any singing talent at all they could become instant celebrities and have a strong music career from all the support from the Michael Jackson fans.

Am I the only one who wonders if the children have talent?

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