Has Anyone Had Ovarian Surgery?

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My mom just went into surgery this morning.  She has three masses growing on her ovaries.  She decided to visit the OB-GYN I used for my second child.  My mom was in the room when he delivered my daughter.  He is a great doctor but I’m still nervous.

Mom might have one or both ovaries removed, depending on the condition when he sees them.  She also has a hernia so he will see what can be done about that.  An oncologist will be there to analyze the masses and make sure they are not cancerous.

I did not get much sleep and I’m upset this morning.  Has anyone has ovarian surgery and what is it like?  I had two c-sections, but I’m sure that’s different than laproscopic surgery.  Just wondering what experiences you all might have had.

I will probably stay with mom for a day or two when she gets out.  She is supposed to get out the same day but might be kept for a day or two.  I will know by early afternoon.  The doctor said either way she will need constant monitoring for at least 24 hours.  If I am there, Dad can go pick up meds and anything else she needs.

By the way, thanks for all your prayers and positive thoughts, they make a BIG difference. 

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