Has Ashley Given Cheryl Cole A Shocking Ultimatum?!

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You’d think Ashley would be doing everything possible to impress Cheryl Cole, but instead of welcoming her home with open arms, it seems he’s given her an ultimatum instead.

Cheryl is thought to be back with her ex-husband, but he isn’t happy about her relationship with another very famous man–Simon Cowell. Simon has been like a mentor for Cheryl: giving her a TV role on the X-factor, protecting her from the media and taking her over to America to star in the US version of the hit show; but when he dropped her, claiming she wasn’t right for the role, Ashley stepped in to pick up the pieces.

It’s reported that the two men cannot stand each other, and will not be in the same room. Simon was one of the strongest people calling for Cheryl to divorce Ashley, and Ashley fears his days are numbered if Simon is involved; he clearly thinks Cheryl can do better, and is not afraid to voice his opinion.

So when Cheryl and Simon made up following the X Factor feud last week, Ashley began to worry about their fledgling relationship, and has now told his wife that she must choose between him and Simon.

It’ll be a tough decision – Cheryl has faced large amounts of criticism after forgiving her cheating husband, and has gone against the opinions of family and friends, convinced that Ashley is her soulmate. Simon, on the other hand, is a big media figure, and has the ability to help Cheryl keep her career going – and they are reported to be close friends, too.

Their relationship has only been back on for a matter of weeks and already it’s been chaotic – from Kayla Collins to Simon Cowell, who knows what will happen next? Watch this space!

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