Has Ashton Kutcher Been Cheating on Demi Moore for a Really Long Time?

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Ashton Kutcher might have been cheating on Demi Moore for a very long time — a new report says that he was hooking up with other girls just one month into their marriage.

When the Sara Leal cheating story broke, it wasn’t the first time that Ashton had been accused of getting it on with another girl behind Demi’s back — last year a girl named Brittney Jones claimed that she and Ashton had sex at his home. She went on to try and profit from her tabloid story by starring in a sex tape, so she lost quite a bit of credibility and everyone forgot about the story.

However, according to Celebitchy, the cheating tales go back even further than last year. Back in 2005 two guys claimed to have hacked into Ashton Kutcher’s e-mail, where they found an explicit voicemail message from a girl describing sex with Ashton. She reportedly tells him that she would like to hook up with him again, but next time she would bring a friend.

At the time Ashton’s rep called the message a hoax, but a National Enquirer columnist has claimed to have authenticated the “phone sex” message. He did this by listening to another of the voice mail messages that was hacked — it contained a confirmation number for a Vegas hotel. He called the hotel and recited the number to a clerk, who then called him “Mr. Kutcher.”

Okay. So if the National Enquirer reporter is telling the truth, perhaps the hotel voicemail message was the real deal. However, it’s always possible that the e-mail hackers didn’t find anything juicy, so they had a woman record a fake message about sex with Ashton to throw in with the real messages.

After all, it’s hard to believe that Ashton Kutcher would cheat on Demi Moore just one month into their marriage. But if he really did start it then, who’s to say he hasn’t been doing it ever since?

And who knows? Maybe Demi Moore made the decision to tell Ashton that he could have sex on the side as long as he’s discreet. After all, she probably knew that it would be hard to completely tame a young stud. However, if she and Ashton did agree to an open marriage, she probably told him that he could not get caught with other women and embarrass her (and surely she would have told him to use protection, which he did not do with Sara Leal).

And now that Ashton did get caught, Demi is being forced to think about getting a divorce as she approaches age 50. This is probably a quite scary prospect to her, which might be why she’s trying so hard to hang on to Ashton.

So what do you think — has Demi known about Ashton’s other girls all along? Or has he just managed to hide his secret life from her for all these years? Then of course there’s always the chance that she’s only been seeing what she wants to see (poor Demi!).

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