Has Haleigh Cummings Bones Been Found At Crime Scene?

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Sources are saying that Misty Croslin was taking to the crime scene and shown bones, that are believe to be Haleigh bones. Misty and Tommy rode back to the jail together and she told Tommy what she seen. Detective deny to public bones were found. It’s is said bones are now being tested for DNA.

Two pieces of rope has been found also and is being test along with cinder blocks at crime lab.

Grandmother of Misty said she’s starting to believe all of her grandchildren are involved in Haleigh’s death and now thinks Misty was In the van too. Misty and Tommy our both still blaming Cousin Joe Overstreet who still is denying being at river.


I don’t know what the real story is, but whatever done in the dark will come to light!


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