Has Katie Yeager Found A New Man?

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Katie Yeager and her boyfriend and baby daddy Joey seemed to be the perfect couple. Although they got off to a somewhat rocky start of 16 & Pregnant, they quickly pulled together and created a great family for their daughter, Molli.

However, Katie recently caught Joey cheating on her with another woman. After all Katie had been through with him, this is how he repays her? Joey wasn’t nearly the man fans thought he was. The blow was surely painful for Katie to go through, but now that the dust has settled, it looks as though she has found another man to crush on!

His name is Jesse Gordo and according to Katie’s tweets, she’s totally into him! On Saturday night, Katie said, “Going to the movies with a cute guy and not knowing if I should leave the armrest up or down<<< #lastnight.”

Katie even made her crush more apparent when a fan asked her advice on getting over a break-up. Her reply? @Jessie_Gordo :) He makes it easy!” It looks as though this teenage mom is staying positive and moving forward from her former beau.

Fans will surely be glad to hear that this 16 & Pregnant favorite isn’t sitting around sulking about her ex-boyfriend cheating on her. Katie Yeager is a strong woman and it shows!

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