Has Khloe Kardashian Jinxed Lamar Odom?

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Could starring alongside wife Khloe Kardashian on a reality show be ruining Lamar Odom’s Lakers career? After his recent bout of bad behaviour on the basketball court, he might need a break from the cameras.

Lamar has expressed his frustration with having cameras follow him around constantly on Khloe & Lamar in the past, but his wife managed to get him to stick with the setup. However, while it might be earning the couple a big paycheck, it seems like Lamar’s game has suffered since working on the show.

kim_and_khloe_kardashian_at_rite_aid_to_promote_quick_trim_003While it had to be frustrating for the Lakers to see their hopes of a championship dashed by the Dallas Mavericks, Lamar Odom’s flagrant foul against Dirk Nowitski near the end of the game was definitely uncalled for (it even got him ejected). Fans of Khloe & Lamar would likely be shocked by such bad behavior, since Odom seems so level-headed and easy-going on the show, but even a nice guy like him has a breaking point.

Of course, the incident during the game will likely make for great TV sometime in the future when Lamar and Khloe Kardashian discuss it on the show (like many Lakers fans, it’s hard to imagine that Khloe was happy with her husband’s behavior), and it will be interesting to get some insight into what made Lamar snap—will he call out Khloe Kardashian by blaming her for pressuring him into continuing to do the show, or will he simply blame the disappointment of having his championship dreams crushed? And will poor Khloe be called a curse now, à la Jessica Simpson when she was dating Tony Romo?

Well, as quarterback for the cowboys, Tony was a more integral part of his team than Lamar, so it’s even more ridiculous to blame Lamar’s relationship with Khloe Kardashian for the Lakers’ epic loss. However, it seems that Lamar Odom might need a break from the cameras and the basketball court—it would be horrible to see his disappointing behavior during the game pour out into his life off-court.

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