Has Miley Cyrus Become Lazy in Love?

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Aside from her newest flop in LOL, Miley Cyrus doesn’t seem to be doing anything other than flashing her assets to the paparazzi, sleeping late and watching cartoons. Has her engagement to Liam Hemsworth made her lazy?

As Entertainmentwise pointed out, Miley keeps tweeting about how she sleeps until mid-afternoon and sits around the house watching children’s shows. It seems that, even as recently as last night, she was obsessed about finding a television to watch. She tweeted, “where god where is wireless tv?!?!”

Since her work on LOL, Miley hasn’t done anything to further her career, at least nothing the public can perceive. Has she abandoned acting entirely? She certainly hasn’t done anything to indicate she wants to be taken seriously in Hollywood.

Now is the time for Miley Cyrus to seek work. She’s hot, if only for her future marriage to Liam Hemsworth. She should use that in her favor and quit worrying about where to catch her favorite guilty pleasure on the boob tube or simply how she can next expose her boobs. Snap out of it, girl!

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