Has True Blood’s Kristin Bauer Been “Glamoured” By Alexander Skarsgard?

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Kristin Bauer’s character Pam on HBO’s True Blood is getting a lot more attention these days, and her relationship with Eric Northman, played by Alexander Skarsgard, is taking center stage. In the episode ‘We’ll Meet Again,’ there is a particularly heartfelt scene where Eric frees Pam of the maker-progeny obligation.

Kristin had a little to say about filming the scene, and the overwhelming emotion wasn’t purely an act. “It was so unexpected to us, to me, to Alex, but it’s very pointed and still the bond is always there,” Bauer said. “It’s a little bit like when I went off the college and said, ‘Bye, daddy.’ You know you go off on your own, these rites of passage when a girl gets married. It was really deep to play. It was big for us.”

While the connection between the characters of Pam and Eric has features of a father and daughter relationship, there has also been a lot of sexual tension between them on screen. It seems that some of that tension may have flowed over into real life. “I’ve been glamoured by him,” Bauer said of Alexander Skarsgard. “Kristin loves Alex and I just think that he is just an amazing man and he’s my buddy. He is such an intelligent, sweet funny guy.” It looks like Kristin Bauer has been so mesmerized by Skarsgard, she talks about herself in the third person and has difficulty separating fiction from reality. In such close proximity to the Swedish hunk, who can really blame her?

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