Has ‘Twilight’ Finally Paid Off for Nikki Reed?

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Nikki Reed scored big by landing the part of Rosalie Hale in the Twilight Saga movies. But it took longer than she thought for true stardom to arrive. Now it looks like the busy acting career she’s always dreamed of is a reality with no end in sight.

According to Digital Spy, Nikki knew she was blessed when she snagged the coveted role playing against type (in the books Rosalie is a blonde.) And, even though she’s been a star since her first movie, ‘Thirteen’ (which she co-wrote! – bright AND beautiful…) she felt being cast in Twilight would assure a long acting career with plenty of work.

Playing antagonist to Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and feeling sisterly over Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) has made her as big a star as the leads. But it took some time.

“I found after the first Twilight movie, we were all sitting around LA, going ‘Hey, aren’t we supposed to work a lot? Isn’t this supposed to open doors?’ We’ve spent a lot of time together [in the past], and in this past year, I haven’t really seen anybody.”

That’s all about to change of course.

This coming Fall the whole gang gets together again to film Twilight: Breaking Dawn as a two-parter that will keep rabid Twi-Hards screaming for blood well through 2013… and that’s not all.

According to IMDB, Nikki Reed is set to appear in a trio of films coming up over the next year, including ‘Privileged,’ ‘Chain Letter’ and ‘Catch. 44.’

Looks like Nikki Reed finally got just what she asked for!

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