Hate Crime in Missouri: Bigoted Teen Brutally Attacked Woman

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The victim of a hate crime in Missouri is still recovering, but having a hard time eating or sleeping after a 17-year-old girl brutally beat her to the point of needing hospitalization. This blatant display of violent bigotry was unleashed by Mercedes Ayers along with her 13-year-old sister and 11-year-old brother. The three siblings approached the home of Jeana Terry, 41, and yanked her through the doorway to brutally beat her on her own porch while yelling obscenities and anti-homosexual slurs. It took the woman’s partner, Lisa Lange, to pull the kids off of her as they were relentlessly beating the woman into the ground.

(Photo)“If Lisa hadn’t have pulled them off of me, I would be dead,” said Jeana Terry, “Honestly, I wish all of them should be tried as an adult for what they did. For them to get just a slap on the wrist would not be right. They knew exactly what they were doing. They planned it.”

This happened in the Missouri town of Cape Girardeau, a town made famous for the disappearance of Jacque Sue Waller, who is believed to be dead while her husband faces prison time. This town appears to be a pit of violence and now bigotry, making it a place that probably shouldn’t make it on anyone’s list of vacation destinations for sure.

Fortunately, Mercedes Ayer is going to be prosecuted as an adult for the blatant hate crime she committed. Now she’s going to live the rest of her life with the mark on her record telling people that she is a disgusting little bigot who hates homosexuals to the point of perpetrating violent crimes. Furthermore, this young lady should also go down for conspiring while contributing to the delinquency of minors since she brought her young siblings along with her and convinced them to help in the hate-beating.

The saddest part in all of this is that there appears to be an inherent flaw in the family of the 17-year-old attacker; even the mother doesn’t want her daughter to face responsibility. She’s blaming the victim, saying she instigated the attack. It seems highly unlikely, but it’s certain that mommie dearest not only brought those kids up with garbage morals, but doesn’t want to see the consequences of that poor immoral behavior. Well, hopefully she’s used to supporting Mercedes, because when she’s out of prison life is going to be super hard for her and she’s going to probably need a place to crash for the rest of her life — where she will most likely foster even more resentment and bigotry due to the lack of responsibility for her own actions. Here’s to hoping the state of Missouri throws the book at her.

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