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If you see a woman dressed immodestly, indecently, provocatively,
Do not curse her, revile her, denounce her, speak evil of her.
Do not spit upon her or stone her to death.
If you see someone flaunting themsellf as you would not do
Love them and turn your eyes away
So as not to see them anymore.
If you hear a man uttering profanity,
Cursing, swearing, blaspheming against your Lord,
Do not censure him, criticize him, condemn him,
Do not imprison him, beat him or torture him.
If you hear these vile, offensive words,
Love the offender and cover up your ears
So as not to hear him anymore.
If your neighbor's lifestyle offends you, insults you,
Do not shun him, blame him, judge him.
Do not convict him, sentence him, put him to death.
Love him and go about your business
As you believe God would want you to.

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