Hateful Tweets about Margaret Thatcher Emerge from Joseph Barton and Donna Brazile

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Margaret Thatcher, the first female British Prime Minister, has died at age 87. Although the much loved political icon just recently passed away; the haters on Twitter reveal their true stripes.

Photograph of Margaret Thatcher in front of the Union JackIt did not take long for the tasteless Thatcher tweets to emerge. One particularly articulate tweet declares, “I hope she burns hell the crow,” while another reads, “I’d say RIP Maggie but it wouldn’t be true. If Heaven exists that old witch won’t be there…” Ah, the civility.

A disgusting hashtag even reared it’s ugly head: #DingDongTheWickedWitchIsDead Interestingly, (and awesomely) the offensive hashtag seems to have been taken over by people denouncing it, which is heartening.

Twitchy highlighted some tweets that were particularly disgusting, but it is hard to keep up, as they are in abundance.

It is amazing that even high-profile tweeters like Joseph Barton, prominent English footballer who has over two million followers on Twitter, or Vice Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee and political correspondent Donna Brazile, cannot even hold the vitriol at bay on the day of Margaret Thatcher’s passing.

Here are just some of the hateful tweets:

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