‘Hatfields & McCoys’ Relaunches Kevin Costner’s Career; Makes History Channel Famous

It’s been a while since Kevin Costner had a hit movie, but now he does of sorts and it’s on television no less. Costner’s Hatfields & McCoys not only relaunched his career but it also made History Channel famous.

That’s because the made for television mini series drew a whopping 13.9 million on its opening night, Memorial Day. Then it drew an extra 3.1 million viewers with its repeat later the same night. Lest some people think that was just a fluke, on Tuesday night, the film drew another 13.1 million viewers.

Of course Costner didn’t pull off the miracle all by himself. There was another big name star involved in the project — Bill Paxton. The two men play the heads of warring families, each thinking their point of view is the right one.

Hatfields & McCoys concludes tonight and chances are good it will hold on to its massive audience. After all, viewers’ favorite competition shows like Dancing With the Stars and American Idol are finished. They need something new to keep them entertained. It seems that the Costner, Paxton vehicle is just the ticket.

Quality TV is a hallmark of the History Channel. However, they rarely pull in such huge audiences. The Hatfields & McCoys might start a new trend.

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