Hatred of Justin Bieber’s “Baby” Helps Raise Money for School

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Justin Bieber’s song “Baby” was so unpopular with kids at an Illinois school that they paid for it to stop playing over the loudspeakers.

Justin would probably be proud of students raising money to help their school – after all, the pop star recently pledged to make a $100,000 donation to a low-income school outside of Las Vegas. However, he might not be all that amused with the rather creative way that some kids from Evanston Township High School raised money to help a struggling cafe/arts center popular with students.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, two seniors convinced school administrators to let them play Justin Bieber’s repetitive song “Baby” over the loudspeakers at the end of each class period. The school was going to keep doing this until students donated $1,000 to save the cafe.

The military has used playing songs over and over again during interrogations as a way to get terrorists to talk (apparently the “I Love You” song from the show Barney and Friends is a popular choice), so perhaps they might want to consider using “Baby” now – it proved to be very effective in this case.

The students behind the plan were hoping to reach their goal in a week, but it took only three days to come up with the $1,000. At least they were able to pay to make it go away – many parents of Justin Bieber fans probably wish they could avoid hearing the pop star utter the word “baby” ever again by upping their daughters’ allowances.

But did the annoying song affect students’ studies? Some kids did complain about the fundraiser, but hopefully three days of “Baby” wasn’t mind-numbing enough to lower their grades (it only ended up being played a little over twenty times). And to thank the kids for raising the cash, the administrator of Boocoo cafe is going to provide space for students to do their senior studies presentations.

The kids behind this really should be commended for coming up with a creative, innovative way to make a difference in their community, and even though they kind of used his song as a form of torture, surely the Biebs can appreciate their effort.

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