Have you ever felt someone elses physical pain?

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My sister and I are one month from being five years apart. She is five years older then me. We have always been pretty close, even in our younger days. We had our normal teenagers fights, like whos going to use the phone or watch what t.v. program.


Me on the leaft my sister on the right. This was taken in 2007 at Xaiver birthday party, by Zander.

When my sister was about 18-19 she was working filling a salad bar. While work she slipped with a gallon can of unopened peaches and get hurt. She messed up something in her leg, hit her chin and jaw on the can when she went down.

He mouth way black and blue for about two weeks, but for about a week I was unable to talk, eat, or hardly able to open my mouth enough to get a straw into it. She had all the pain from her leg, thankfully. Because I was having enough pain as it was of hers. All during this time, she had no pain in her chin or jaw at all. Luck for her!

Finally come my time to pay her back. In 1998 I feel down a flight of stairs. I had a glass bottle in my left hand, so I tried turning to the right, so I didnt land on the glass. I messed up my back again and hurt my butt. At least this is what my sister said.

For a few days she was unable to sit on the right side of her butt, because it was to painful. I got to laugh this time. She always thought it was funny, because I had shared so much of her pain over the years, now she knew what I felt like all the other times I got her pain.

A few years ago one of her cats attacked her and she needed to see a doctor because one of the bites was pretty nasty. While there she got a shot. After getting the shot she should have stayed sitting or laying down for at least 10 minutes. My mom had taken her to the doctor and I was at home online.

Right after getting the shot, she got up to go use the bathroom and passed out half way there. When she did, she feel and the doctor scale feel on her and something else that was there. She got hit in the head with part of the scale, something come down on her knee and she twisted her ankle.

My mom was sitting there and watched the whole thing, she just about went down a flight of steep stairs. So mom was pretty shaken up. When she come through and the doctor was checking her out again, they told my mom to take a few and call someone to settle down.

In the mean time I was at home online and out of no where my right knee started hurtting, like you would not believe. So I was walking aroung the house thinking it was just a crap or something. Then the phone rang. It was my mom and she started telling me what happen and I said stop, what happened to her right knee?

My mom was like, how do you know she hurt her right kne. I said about 5 minutes ago mine started killing me, so im walking around the house thinking its a crap or something. Needless to say I lived a few more days of my sisters pain.

There have been a few other times when little things have happened to one of us and the other one has felt it. Like when something fell onto my sisters head and my head started pounding as it happened.

I know this is commen in twins, out family thinks we are nuts because of this. Has anything like this ever happen to you? I have been living it for 16-17 years now and I seem to get more of her pain, then she does of mine. Let me tell you, it SUCK!

So have you ever had something like this happen to you, or to someone you know? Where they twins or just siblings? Do you think we are nuts? LOL

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