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Or could we be suffering from a distressing case of Christian complacency in this secular world that we find ourselves living in today? God has indeed given His children special gifts and abilities. Choices to establish our way and our priorities. One of our choices that should today, be a burden, is to reach out and make a positive difference for good and for Him in our world….

Here’s some excerpts from Pastor Dottie Eller: The enemy has a clever way of masking evil, by packaging it as entertainment..  The Harry Potter books for example, have mesmerized our children, and sadly some parents and adults that should have known better. These books came onto the market as {innocent fun for kids} and were being promoted by schools as literature. Since, then came the series and the movies and in these “stories” our children are actually given very specific “spells” to perform. Now there’s even an Amusement Park dedicated to the Harry Potter stories. Why do we, as Christians, stand by and allow the world to smother not only Christians but others in the world who are without God’s Word, His wisdom and His salvation and without even an outcry? For those who seek a “Christian Alternative” to the Harry Potter books and other, out there prompts, read “Littluns and the book of Darkness.” The secular media, of course, wants nothing to do with it. So, if we “as Christians” don’t support it and give it to our children as an alternative, then we must have a lot of good people who are just going along with whatever the secular media wants to feed us. Does anyone remember the outcry from the secular media when the Passion of the Christ was made? They did all they could to stop it, but with God’s help, the people who believed in the project saw it through, and it was far greater than anyone could have ever imagined!

Christians should be banding together!  Buying this book for their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, because “we” can make a difference. And with the same support Christians gave the Passions of the Christ, we can give our children something “good.” If we truly care about the souls of our children and those around us, we will do whatever it takes to bring them out of the darkness and into the “Light.”

Evil spreads like wildfire… Shouldn’t we, as Christians, be fanning what remains of the flickering flames of good?  “Littluns” is a powerful book about faith and trusted friends that gives positive celebration to traditional Judeo-Christian values and the human spirit. It is a story of good and innocence in a world of chaos, suffering from the seductive effects of evil. This book clearly defines that difference! Littluns is indeed the family friendly alternative.

“As I’ve said often enough before, Littluns and The Book Of Darkness can be, to Christian and secular alike,  the catalyst that would prompt and encourage folks to better understand our current times by reading THE Book, which is of course, God’s Holy Bible…..” ~Sandy A 

A few reviews of this book!

Kevin  Richardson writes: “Littluns” is to Christians what “Harry Potter” was to the secular world,  yet “Littluns” is written for both.

“”Littluns” A Journey in Time, Life and Spirit
One of The Most Amazing Books ever written!”
Film Historian and Theologists Dr Joseph P. Sinda

KevaD from Goodreads says- “A story designed for families and one that will stand the test of time.”

Of Light and Life there is The Book of Light..
Of all that has been or will be corrupted, there is The Book of Darkness.
One empowers individuals and 
The other has power over them

Visit and learn why Littluns is the book that everyone that reads, dearly loves!LITTLUNS SITE

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