Have You Seen John Savage?

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John Savage, 24, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, has been missing since Monday evening. He was last seen Sunday evening, wearing a maroon jacket. Normally, a 24-year-old man wouldn’t be too much cause for concern, but John has a pretty serious medical condition that will cause significant complications if not treated.

It would not be completely unheard of for him to just need a break. Often, adult children with medical problems feel smothered by their parents, as if they are not capable of making their own choices and caring for themselves. He could just be striving for a little independence. Without more information about John Savage’s lifestyle and illness, it’s difficult to speculate on what may have happened to him. One would think Minneapolis a fairly safe place, but in reality, it’s no different than any other American city, in terms of the numerous things that could have happened to him. Hopefully he turns up safely and soon. Making your mother worry is just not right.

If you have seen John or have any knowledge of his whereabouts, you are asked to call 911 or contact Sgt. James Jensen at 612-673-5587.

Photo credit: Minneapolis Star Tribune

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